Deephams Sewage Treatment Works

Deephams Sewage Treatment Works
  • Location: London
  • Project type: Land Remediation & Ground Levels

Thames Water’s Deephams Sewage Treatment Works serves around 1 million of the UK population from its site in Edmonton, London. A joint venture between AECOM, Murphy, and Kier (AMK) completed the upgrading of the £212 million projects which officially opened in June 2019. The aim of the upgrades was to improve the final discharge into the River Lee; whilst increasing capacity to manage future population rises and reduce odour emissions.

Due to the upgrades on-site, some previous locations had now become redundant. Old settlement tanks had been removed leaving poor ground within their footprints. In total four tanks were removed leaving four 7,500m3 areas needing to be restored and raising back to ground level. Not only did these large areas need back-filing, but the project had to be completed within an eight-week time frame.

In order to raise levels back to ground, a substantial amount of inert restoration material had to be imported. This was imported via our trusted suppliers, with the help of a CL:AIRE DoW CoP scheme. This allowed us to import clean material from local sites. Over the 8-week period, we imported 60,000 tonnes of strictly analysed material which complied with the site’s specifications.

Once importation was completed the newly restored areas were shaped and seeded to improve the area’s visual appeal.

Our aim is to improve sustainability which is why we imported clean materials from sites within the local areas. This material would have been directed to landfill sites, however, we re-purposed the material to restore the tank footprints and lessen the amount of material entering landfill.

The newly restored ground at Deephams Sewage Treatment Works is now safe and will provide suitable foundations for future structures on site.

We completed the job within AMK’s agreed 8-week period, helping them meet their time constraints.

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