Former Council Landfill

Former Council Landfill
  • Location: Bolton
  • Project type: Landfill Regeneration
Former council landfill 1
Former council landfill 2

The former council landfill originally opened as a sandstone quarry in the mid-1850s and supplied Bolton and the surrounding areas with aggregate materials for construction usage. As available quarrying material became exhausted, the site was utilised as a landfill by the local council; with the site accepting municipal waste for disposal. The landfilling activities ceased in the 1980s and was capped for public safety.


The land had been restored to a very poor standard and was left derelict by the previous owners. The site had historical surface water issues which needed to be addressed in order to completed the new restoration works.


We started by reprofiling the land to increase water run-off and reduce infiltration. A surface water balancing pond was engineered to further reduce any water issues. We imported clean material to cap any exposed, historic deposits.

Due to the site being a former sandstone quarry, we recycled and reused existing material present in any engineering works. This helped saved the client the expense of having to purchase new restoration materials.


The former council landfill is now restored and has allowed the development of new woodland, hedges and ecological habitats. Nature has now taken over the site, which is covered in greenland and is utilised as riding tracks for local horse riders.

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