Harwood Equestrian Centre

Harwood Equestrian Centre
Harwood Equestrian Centre
  • Location: Harwood
  • Project type: Quarry Restoration & Leisure Development

Activities on the site dated back to over a century, with the extraction of stone to be used within the local construction industry. In the 1950s the void created was utilised by the local authority as a landfill site to dispose of municipal wastes from the area. The site was closed in the 1980s and a thin covering of soils placed across the surface to ‘cap’ the wastes.

Booth Ventures were approached by the then owners to remediate the site. Being horse lovers, their aspiration was to use the area for equestrian activities. The site was effectively derelict with areas of exposed waste visible on the surface where water had eroded the inadequate soil layer.

We obtained planning permission and the requisite environmental consent to import materials to change the site topography. The aim was to improve surface water run-off and fully cap the exposed wastes. As part of the works, underground drainage pathways were addressed and an ecological habitat was also created.

The benefit of the works improved the local landscape, adding value to the community.  The project improved biodiversity in the local area and helped to reduce the long-term environmental impact of waste placed in a historically ‘dilute and attenuate’ landfill.

After the infill phases were completed, a variety of developments took place: a 40m x 80m equestrian arena for horse riding and training, the construction of a stable block, grazing areas which had to be seeded with specifically selected seeds for horses, a three-tiered weir system to manage on-site rainfall and an access road to allow for passage through the site. From the outset, the owners had been expecting a substantial financial outlay to complete the work and our activities turned this into a benefit from royalties accrued on imported materials.

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