Lumns Lane Chemical Landfill

Lumns Lane Chemical Landfill
  • Location: Manchester
  • Project type: Landfill Site Restoration
Lumms Lane toward project end 3
Lumms Lane toward project end 2
Lumms Lane toward project end
Lumms Lane start
Lumms Lane start 2
Lumms Lane 3
Lumms Lane 2
Lumms Lane 1
Land Remediation
Excavator Grading a Bank

A chemical manufacturer’s historic in-house disposal facility, Lumns Lane accepted a wide variety of hazardous chemical sludges and residues, including VLL radioactive wastes over a long period. Some of the materials deposited were also thixotopic and therefore could not be easily handled or disturbed.

The site was un-engineered, and in consultation with the Environment Agency, required the owners to address a variety of factors to mitigate the long term impacts. The protection and safety of our operatives had to be carefully managed with innovative solutions created to manage risk.

Booth Ventures firstly had to reinforce and regrade the existing waste mass to ensure stability, create access to all areas, and to prepare for future works. Low-lying areas within the site were then raised with imported material to create a profile that sheds water. Thixotropic areas were carefully blended with imported materials to improve the strength of the waste mass. The site also contained two leachate lagoons, pipelines, and structures that were decommissioned and demolished. A Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) was then engineered across the site in phases to cap the existing waste and reduce infiltration. An above cap restoration layer was placed to protect the GCL and allow the establishment of a comprehensive surface water management system.

The former landfill is now decommissioned and safely restored. The site was used by a delegation from the EA and HMRC as an example of good site practice.

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"Booth Ventures were chosen to undertake a large restoration project on a private landfill site which had reached end of life. The site required a large volume of imported soils to be deposited on the land to create the required profile specified within the model. This was followed with the deployment of a Geosynthetic Clay Liner, prior to the final deployment of top of cap graded soil and grass seeding. The project from start to the finish, has been undertaken with the upmost professionalism, all aspects of the site remained Safe and secure throughout."

Darren Cunliffe - S.H.E Manager Luxfer MEL Technologies


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