As a business which works so closely with the environment, we believe it is our moral duty to limit any impact our activities may have on the environment. We currently operate a landfill site, numerous quarries and have a wide range of ongoing projects which can all have an effect on the environment.

Our company Environmental Policy statement outlines our continuing commitments to minimise our environmental impact, such as:

  • Ensuring strict management of operations ensuring compliance with our environmental permits, planning permissions and the CL:AIRE Definition of Waste Code of Practice(DoW CoP);
  • Prevent pollution, reduce waste and minimise the consumption of resources and;
  • Operate the business in accordance with an Environmental Management System to the ISO14001 standard. You can view our certification HERE

The quarrying of minerals can have a positive impact on the environment in certain ways, such as helping to develop sustainable housing schemes and limiting the risk of flooding through the creation of flood defences.

To offset any negative environmental impact, one of our main operations as a business is the recycling of construction and demolition waste into an aggregate for use within the construction and civil engineering industries.

We have a quality control system in place which ensures we produce our recycled aggregates to the relevant British & European Standard for their required use, in accordance with the Specification for Highways. Implementing these controls ensures we meet the requirements of the WRAP protocol. This ensures our material ceases to be a waste on completion of the process and can be exported for use on other sites without the requirement for any waste management controls (such as environmental permits).

As a business, we believe in an environmentally conscious approach. As a viable alternative to landfill, we operate a wide range of projects such as land regeneration and restoration, where we import clean, inert, virgin dug materials under the CLAIRE DoW CoP.

If we cannot send a material to one of our regeneration or restoration projects (for example due to material suitability or compliance with the CL:AIRE DoW CoP, on certain sites, we are permitted to accept inert and non-hazardous materials (including soils previously containing invasive species). These sites are already operational quarries where material is imported, under an environmental permit, to restore the land to its original level and profiles.

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