Golf Course Engineering

Can’t afford to improve your golf course or facilities? Booth Ventures have developed a NO COST or even REVENUE GENERATING model that delivers exception results. Our complete turnkey service can help to safeguard the future of your golf club by improving the overall experience for existing members at NO COST, whilst also helping to attract new membership. We undertake all area of golf course improvement, including:

  • Golf Course Remodelling.
  • Driving Range / Practice Ground Construction & Remodelling.
  • Layout and Infrastructure Improvements.
  • Drainage and Water Management Improvements.
  • Course Redesign.
  • Ecological, Habitat & Landscaping Improvements.



Want to know how we improve golf course and practice facilities at NO COST? Our methodology is simple:

  1. Liaise with club management to assess your unique circumstances and course requirements
  2. Work with our golf course architects and design team to establish the required changes to the topographical features
  3. Importation of clean soils and landscaping to meet the agreed topography
  4. Improved golf course and practice facilities to help safeguard the long-term future of your club

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