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Quarried Grit Sand

Quarried Grit Sand is a fine aggregate that is produced by crushing a variety of quarried materials. The material will be crushed down to dust but small particles up to 5mm may still be present. The uniform particle size helps to product flat layers perfect for bedding. Quarried grit sand is produced using gritstone although limestone, sandstone & granite can be used.

Using a quarried material usually commands a higher cost than recycled alternatives due to the extra processing time that’s needed, however, the quality of quarried grit sand material is higher due to the fact that there are no unwanted contaminates that can occur in recycled products.

All our quarried materials follow a quality control procedure which mean that only the highest quality type 1 materials are produced and supplied to the industry.


Product Usage

Grit sand is used in a variety of projects including:

  • Trench Backfill
  • General Backfill
  • Bedding Layer

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