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Quarried Type 1

Quarried Type 1 is a granular subbase material that is produced by crushing a variety of quarried materials. Once crushed the material has a varied particle size usually between 40mm down to dust which gives type 1 its great loading bearing qualities when compacted. These varied particle sizes give Type 1 great drainage properties. Quarried material used to produce type 1 include Limestone, Gritstone, Granite & Sandstone

Also know at MOT type 1 after the Ministry of Transport the material must be produced in accordance with the Department of Transports Specifications for Highway Works, Clause 803.

Using a quarried material usually commands a higher cost than recycled alternatives due to the extra processing time that’s needed, however, the quality of quarried type 1 material is higher due to the fact that there are no unwanted contaminates that can occur in recycled products.

All our materials follow a quality control procedure which mean that only the highest quality type 1 materials are produced and supplied to the industry.

A recycled alternative is available by clicking HERE


Product Usage

Due to its excellent load bearing and drainage qualities it is often used in high traffic construction projects including:

  • Highways & Road
  • Car Parks
  • Footpath & Walkways
  • Building Foundations

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