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Recycled Pipe Bedding

Recycled Pipe bedding is a sustainable aggregate that is produced by crushing a variety of demolition wastes. Once crushed the material is screened to remove any unwanted particle sizes allow all material to be uniform in size. Commonly pipe bedding is produced to sizes of 10mm & 20mm. These uniform sizes of larger material create gaps meaning that water can drain through easily. Demolition wastes used to produce recycled pipe bedding include Bricks, Concrete & Hardcore.

Using recycled materials usually command a lower cost than that of a quarried alternative due to less processing time needed. They also help in reducing the amount of wastes that would otherwise be sent to landfill and repurpose them for use within the industry.

All our recycled material follows the Environmental Agency’s quality protocol WRAP which allows waste such as demolition waste to become non-waste product or material that can be reused within the industry.


Product Usage

Pipe Bedding is can be used for the following:

  • Base to bed pipes
  • Subbases with higher levels of drainage

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