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Rip Rap / Rock Armour

Rip Rap / Rock Armour is an aggregate that is specifically produced to withstand difficult conditions and reduce erosion from running water.  The stones used are very durable and help to reduce coastline & structural erosion, improve slope stability, and manage channel flow.

The aggregates are interlocked to help create revetment structures that are used to form barriers against any rushing water or waves. These barriers help to displace any energy produced by waves which protect the land or structure behind from reoccurring erosion.

Rip Rap or Rock Armour is vital in helping to reduce erosion to coastlines and improve local flood defences.



Product Usage

Rip Rap can be used for the following:

  • Flood Alleviation
  • Shoreline Defences
  • Structural Defences
  • Bank Stabilisation

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