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We offer free soil analysis on any soils needed for disposal. All you need to do is send your site investigation report so we can analyse and classify your soils, making sure that you remain compliant during the soil disposal process.

The basic classification report usually takes no more than 48 working hours to undertake dependent on complexity. If information is missing or incomplete we can also undertake chemical analysis on your behalf to ensure compliance with legal standards.

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Our analysis service includes:

  • Soil analysis for disposal
  • Soil characterisation
  • Compliance testing
  • Certification of soils
  • Geo-technical testing of aggregates
  • Characterisation/assessment of wastes

"We have been using Booth Ventures for numerous years now. As per EA legislation all our spoil removal jobs now involve ascertaining the actual nature of the material we are hauling and disposing of. I send all my SI reports/chemical analysis to Booths who will quickly and professionally review all the details and give me both a price and information on the report…to say it is invaluable is an understatement, whether the material is inert or non-hazardous or other. They also do the actual testing themselves and often go out to site for me…their turnaround times are very impressive as my customer always wants a price asap!! Again, I can’t state how important it is to have such a good working relationship with a disposal site."

Chris Stanley, Transport Director - Stanley Brothers Tippers Ltd

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