Our Responsibility

With Great Services, Comes Great Responsibilities

We have been fulfilling our duties for the industry since 2007. We’re a business that cares about what effects we may have, whether that be limiting any environmental impacts, ensuring the health and safety of our customers and employees, and delivering the highest quality product we can produce. You can read more about our responsibilities by viewing the following:

  • environment 1

We believe we have a duty to limit any impact our activities may have on the environment. Our Environmental Policy Statement details how our activities are conducted in an effort to reduce their environmental impact and include:

  • Strictly Management of operations to ensure compliance with our environmental permits, planning permissions and the CL:AIRE Code of Practice (DoW CoP);
  • Prevent pollution, reduce waste and minimise the consumption of resources and;
  • Operate the business in line with the standards set out in  ISO 14001:2015

Materials that we accept for restoration or disposal are analysed against an independently verified criteria. This ensures the protection of the local environment.

We regularly monitor a number of sensitive indicators such as groundwater, gases and leachate to maintain safe levels and ensure there is no pollution to any local area.


  • health safety 1

The health & safety of our workforce, customers, or any visitors to our sites is vitally important. We take all necessary measures to create a safe environment.

We have a fully implemented health & safety management system in place which is followed on every project or operation we undertake. Our H&S system is independently reviewed and has been accredited as SMAS Worksafe, confirming that our Health & Safety procedures meet high standards.

All persons on any of our sites must wear full PPE to ensure they remain safe.

Detailed risk assessments and method statements are in place for every activity we undertake on our sites and projects, these are reviewed regularly and amended if required. We provide internal training in the form of toolbox talks which cover regular work activities and conduct routine reviews of our operational permit to work system for dangerous activities.

All visitors to our sites are required to participate in a site-specific induction. New employees must undertake a four week healthy and safety induction programme tailored specifically to their role along with our ongoing commitment to regular health and safety training.

Our plant and machines are regularly inspected and maintained to the highest possible standard. These checks are aimed to minimise the risk of any faults before they occur, making the equipment safe for use. Regular servicing is also undertaken by the plant manufacturers.

We are proud of our health & safety records and plan to continue putting the health and safety of everyone as our number one priority.

  • quality control 1

The quality of our work is a reflection on our business. We have an established quality control process in place for any product/service we offer. This is continually reviewed by our Operations Director to keep quality standards at their highest.

  • All imports used for landfill, restoration, or development are continually reviewed by our in-house acceptance team, to make sure they meet our agreed criteria.
  • Materials which we produce are analysed by independent laboratories to make sure they meet the required British & European standard and are suitable for their required purpose.
  • Continual investment in the latest technology, machines & people to ensure that all activities are carried out to the highest possible standard by individuals with the relevant expertise.
  • Recycled aggregates are produced in line with the WRAP quality control protocols
  • Our pledge to maintain and achieve independently verified accreditations demonstrate our ongoing commitment to providing services and products that meet the national and international recognised standard.